Company "Sikron" specializes on the manufacturing of the entire product line for thermal processing of materials. The scope of activities of the company include the production of thermal equipment with temperature from 200°C to 1400°C. We manufacture thermal equipment to order and implement the following types of furnaces: electric chamber (muffle) for firing a variety of materials, for heat treatment of metals (used for industrial and semi-industrial purposes.

> 10
Years work

> 3000
Completed orders

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key features

Our benefit

  • Wide assortment. The nomenclature is represented by different types of furnaces.
  • Modernization and repair of furnaces of various complexity. Experts will diagnose and find the best way to solve the problem.
  • Safety. Furnaces are equipped with reliable thermostats and automatic protection at elevated temperatures.
  • Quality of products. Presented furnaces have a high thermal insulation and a prolonged lifetime.


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The "Kedr" Foundation in 2015 purchased a furnace for burning ceramic products in a creative rehabilitation workshop. During the operation of claims and comments there is no, the oven meets our requirements. We hope to continue cooperation in the future.

- The "Kedr" Foundation

The furnace was purchased for quenching, in the course of operation for 1.5 years the electronics work without failures, the teens have not changed yet, none have burnt out, the thermocouple shows the appropriate temperature, the thermal insulation is good, everything suits.

- "Votkinskaya Industrial Company"