Brick or fibrous lining

Today it is usual to hear that every day in the market the new product appears: more convenient and ergonomic, economic and effective.

As for the industry, its gradual recovery caused a reconstruction wave in recent years, including thermal workshops of the different enterprises. Often, the request for the new furnace begins with ascertaining of the fact that furnaces of Soviet period, bulky and power-intensive work at the enterprise. The customer wants to receive something new, effective, and by all means with use of new, modern materials.

Today, vendors of electric ovens of resistance suggest to execute lining of the furnace from the lungs having low heat conductivity, fibrous materials. Refer resistance to vibration influences, energy efficiency, high maintainability to advantages of such lining.

The fire-resistant brick, according to some Customers, is the outdated material which does not have such high rates as fibrous lining. But it not absolutely so. The brick and at fiber has pluses and minuses.

Furnaces with lining from fiber heat up quicker that in certain cases undoubtedly is an important indicator. At the same time, fibrous lining at temperature increase in the camera of the furnace does not heat up as has low heat conductivity. That is, when using fibrous lining heating of a work space of the furnace during process of heat treatment happens only at the expense of heaters. At the same time brick lining heats up longer as the brick possesses bigger, than fiber, heat conductivity, and "takes away" a part of heat radiated by heating elements. But after achievement of necessary temperature, along with heaters, the brick also begins to give heat that allows to reduce the power given on heaters and to heat a work space of the furnace both at the expense of heaters, and due to heat given by lining. Thus, the question of energy efficiency of fibrous lining is a subject for discussion.

At equipment selection the resource of operation of the furnace including resistance of lining of the furnace to mechanical influences is also important for heat treatment. In industrial furnaces Customers process massive and heavy details at which installation in the furnace damages of a boot window and the camera of the furnace are possible. In this case, preference should be given to a fire-resistant brick as fibrous materials have property to be deformed and crumble. Thus, the furnace used for heat treatment heavy cages which lining is executed from a brick with other things being equal will demand repair regarding lining much later, than made of fiber that undoubtedly is plus when using a bricklaying.

In article reasons concerning the choice between lining from fibrous materials and lining from a bricklaying are considered. Of course, in each separate case, the sounded arguments can not matter owing to some other reasons.

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№, п/п Рабочее пространство, ШхГхВ, мм Обьем, л t раб., °С P, кВт Цена
1 600х1000х500 300 1150 30 Расчет стоимости
2 800х1000х600 480 1150 54 Расчет стоимости
3 600х1000х500 300 1280 36 Расчет стоимости
4 800х1000х600 480 1280 54 Расчет стоимости
5 600х1000х500 300 1450 60 Расчет стоимости
6 800х1000х600 480 1450 80 Расчет стоимости
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№, п/п Рабочее пространство, ШхГхВ, мм Обьем, л t раб., °С P, кВт Цена
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2 30(9AL) 3 1150 18 Расчет стоимости
3 50(15AL) 5 1150 24 Расчет стоимости