Universal electric resistance furnaces for heat treatment

We are often approached by customers with questions, and there are universal electric furnaces? What prevents to make vacation in furnaces for quenching, because the tempering temperature is lower. The thermostat has the ability to adjust the temperature in the range from ambient temperature to 1200-1250S. That is, if you set the temperature on the thermostat 600-700C, the oven will reach the specified value and you can perform the necessary operation. In an effort to save money, the client concludes that the furnace, designed for various heat treatment operations, it is only a marketing move manufacturers.

Manufacturers offer almost every type of heat treatment equipment: tempering furnaces, aging furnaces, drying cabinets, hardening furnaces, furnaces for calcining molds and so on. Of course, in the absence of experience and certain knowledge in the production of industrial furnaces can be confused. However, if you conduct a small Internet study, you can understand the main differences in the characteristics of thermal equipment. There is a huge number of technologies of heat treatment of materials. In various industrial areas heat treatment in electric resistance furnaces solves its specific problems.

In Metalworking it is improving the quality and durability of products, mechanical and physical and mechanical properties of metal parts. In the processing of ceramics - is the hardening of products, the application of various coatings in accordance with the purpose of the product. In electric furnaces also produce polymer coating, give plasticity and shape to various materials and so on. There is a huge number of heat treatment technologies. For each material the technology is its own, respectively, and its equipment requirements. In the market there are private producers who in creative process find the methods and adaptations allowing to apply various technologies in the same equipment, but in the conditions of reduction of number of skilled personnel and increase in number of young specialists, such craftsmen becomes less and less. In addition, the selection of optimal conditions requires a considerable amount of time, which in today's pace of life is often an unacceptable luxury.

The production of a universal electric furnace is not economically justified, such a furnace will be expensive. The quality of such a furnace is also questionable, because the manufacturers of materials and the materials themselves are far from universal. The experience of the company's specialists suggests that the use and correct selection of furnace components their balanced adjustment will make the right investment and ensure decent quality for a long time. If you do not find the required characteristics of the equipment, write to us, we will contact you