Furnaces for glass flashing

The cost of furnaces for glass starts from 42 000 rubles.

Wide range of products from "Sikron" company includes furnaces for heat treatment (flashing) of glassware: bottles, jars, cups, microcrystalline plates, and other products. We offer modern models of continuous and batch operation, chamber, muffle, electric, and gas furnaces.

Furnaces for glass flashing reduce internal stress and granularity, smooth out various defects in product structure, increase service life and durability.

All models guarantee uniform distribution of temperature and moderate product heating and cooling rate. Conveyor-type version of continuous operation is the most popular model. In this model, products are fed on conveyor and flashed one by one for heat treatment.

We offer also professional services of modernization and repair of thermal equipment. Our experts work with annealing equipment of any complexity and carry out time- and money-saving repair. We are experienced in work with glass flashing furnaces and guarantee the highest quality of designing, assembling, modernization, and repair works on thermal equipment. 


Alongside with standard dimensions of furnace laboratory, working chamber volume, operating specified in the price list we produce furnaces according to your specific sizes and required characteristics!