Furnaces for lampwork

Cost of furnaces for lampwork starts from 42 000 RUB.
Печь для лэмпворк

"Sikron" company offers furnaces for lampwork with the help of which art glassware products can be created. This equipment is functional in use, easy to control and adjust by the master, which allows to embody any creative ideas..

Simple design and compact size of furnaces for lampwork allow to use them both at large industrial enterprises and at private workshops for manufacture of:

  • decorative products (beads, pendants, souvenirs, etc.);
  • special tools and equipment for application in medicine and in chemical industry.

Upon request glass products can be decorated with various materials including metal, wood, crystals.


Alongside with standard dimensions of furnace laboratory, working chamber volume, operating specified in the price list we produce furnaces according to your specific sizes and required characteristics!



Печи для лэмпворк
Working space, WхDхH, mm Amount, L t , °С P, Kw Price
1 250 х 150 х 150 5,625 900 1,5 42 000 руб.
2 500 х 150 х 150 11,25 900 2 Cost calculation


Special features of our furnaces for lampwork 

Over the years, our enterprise specializes in manufacture of thermal equipment and has deserved an excellent reputation among the consumers. Our furnaces for lampwork are durable, easy to use and feature superior performance. These advantages are provided by the following factors:

  • only up-to-date materials durability of which was checked are applied at manufacture;
  • experts test every furnace for lampwork to ensure conformity with stated requirements;
  • design includes protection systems (control and protection programs, sensors reacting to overheat, etc.), providing safe operation.
  • simple and neat design which will suit the interior of any workshop;
  • holders for spokes allowing to create multiple beads at the same time;
  • switch-off timer providing independent operation of the unit.