Fusing furnaces

cCost of fusing furnaces starts from 53 000 RUB.
Печь для фьюзинга

Fusing furnaces are special units intended for baking of glassware. This equipment helps to create high-quality and durable art objects from glass (decorative elements, stained-glass windows, lamps, clocks, etc.).

Modern fusing furnace looks like a suitcase. The opening part (cover) contains heating element made of fechral or nichrome; forms for processed glass are installed in the bottom part. Infra-red radiation inside the fusing furnace provides uniform distribution and transfer of heat to glass.  

Fusing furnaces feature the following advantages:

  • control block with temperature controller programmed for automatic operation;
  • adjustment of capacity;
  • adjustment of  treatment time and temperature.


Alongside with standard dimensions of furnace laboratory, working chamber volume, operating specified in the price list we produce furnaces according to your specific sizes and required characteristics!



Fusing furnaces
Working space, WхDхH, mm Amount, L t, °С P, Kw Price
1 300 х 300 х 200 18 900 3 53 000 RUB.
2 500 х 500 х 200 50 900 6 Cost calculation
3 400 х 600 х 200 48 900 6 Cost calculation
4 600 х 1200 х 200 144 900 12 Cost calculation