Moulding furnaces

Cost of moulding furnaces starts from 60 000 RUB.
Печь для моллирования

When glass is heated to high temperatures it gets viscid and can be easily deformed, allowing the master to create any form from it. After heat treatment in the moulding furnace, a workpiece can replicate all irregularitiesand bends of the matrix.

This equipment helps to create:

  • home decoration or its elements (tables, radius doors, statuettes, etc.);
  • car windows;
  • aquariums;
  • optics;
  • medical equipment, etc. 

Moulding furnaces from "Sikron" company can operate in various modes and feature a number of advantages:

  • support of high temperature - the master can independently change and control thermal conditions at every stage of manufacture;
  • memory for saving of the programs applied;
  • use of reliable materials and accessories, which guarantees durable operation even at heavy use.


Alongside with standard dimensions of furnace laboratory, working chamber volume, operating specified in the price list we produce furnaces according to your specific sizes and required characteristics!



Moulding furnaces
oulding furnaces Amount, L t , °С P, Kw Price
1 300 х 300 х 300 27 900 3 60 000 руб.
2 500 х 500 х 300 75 900 6 Cost calculation
3 400 х 600 х 300 72 900 6 Cost calculation
4 600 х 1200 х 300 216 900 12 Cost calculation