Furnaces for heat treatment of metals

The cost of furnaces for heat treatment of metals starts from 140,000 rubles

These units are intended for heat treatment of metals and their alloys at temperature of up to 1300°С.

Furnaces for heat treatment of metals feature superior lining. Heating elements are made of alloy with high ohmic resistance and are installed on special ceramic tubes inside the chamber. The floor is reinforced with high-density fire bricks, which allows to withstand considerable specific loads.

Furnaces for heat treatment of metals are equipped with system of automatic lifting and lowering of the door, which secures the operator at opening of the furnace. The mechanism consists of counterbalances, pneumatic or electric-powered drive.

For various heat treatment technologies of heavy and large-size products, the furnace are equipped with roll-out sole with sand lock for prevention of external air inflow and maintenance of stable temperature inside the chamber.

Required thermal conditions in the furnaces for heat treatment of metals are adjusted by digital microprocessor regulators which set temperature accurately at each mode - duration of heating and equalizing.


Alongside with standard dimensions of furnace laboratory, working chamber volume, operating specified in the price list we produce furnaces according to your specific sizes and required characteristics!



Furnaces for heat treatment of metals – optional units

Upon custom order or at will of the client purchasing the unit of standard version, thermal equipment can be supplemented with the following options:

  • system of partial opening or mechanism for fixing of the door in set positions;
  • ventilation openings with opening shutters furnace roof and sole for heat treatment of metals;
  • device for visual control of heat treatment;
  • tray made of heat-resistant material;
  • ejector for removal of internal gases.

Besides, upon the customer's request, the furnace configuration can be changed by increasing of its capacity and other parameters.