Equipment for chemical and heat treatment

Химико-термическая обработка

During operations connected with chemical and heat treatment, the metal item is immersed into the active medium of rather high temperature. This process influences surface layer of the item and imparts it with additional properties. As a rule, chemical and heat treatment is applied for iron-based alloys, such as various steels and cast iron..


 Equipment is applied at chemical and heat treatment for:

  • Increase of item's resistance to chemical or galvanic corrosion (the item will keep its properties at average and raised temperatures).
  • Improvement of strength properties of the surface layer (increase of resistance to attrition, cavitation, etc.).
  • Change of item's surface properties for decorative purposes. In some cases, colour of the item changes after chemical and heat treatment.
  • Preparation of the item to mechanical treatment. After chemical and heat treatment, some steels and alloys can be easier pressed, cut, etc.


It should be mentioned that only application of cutting-edge, superior equipment for chemical and heat treatment of metal ensures high and repeatable results. Special-purpose, highly productive furnaces and special baths should be applied for this.

Every unit has its own distinctive features; therefore, the module should be installed and set only by professional engineers, whose duties include not only assembly but also commissioning of the equipment.

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