Electric furnaces

Electric furnaces are extremely popular among a wide product range of the company. These furnaces can be used for various works with metals (steel, aluminium, cast iron), glass, ceramics. They are essential for baking of porcelain products, application of glaze and colours. Metalware can be heated in them before forging, annealing, or hardening.

Electric furnaces for baking have the following advantages:

  • low temperature of housing thanks to metal channel iron;
  • low power consumption thanks to heat insulation of the highest quality;
  • Uniform distribution of thermal energy according to DIN 17052-1.

Wide product range of modern electric furnaces 

We offer cutting-edge electric furnaces with advanced facilities for heat treatment. There is a programmable temperature regulator for setting the necessary heating temperature. Semiconductor solid-state relays allow to set equipment operation parameters more precisely, provide low noise level, and longer service life.

You can find various electric furnace versions in our catalogue:

  • shaft, bell-type;
  • with upward acting door;
  • with roll out sole.

You can also order service of electric furnaces at our company. Experienced experts from our staff know everything about this type of equipment. Upon your request, we can upgrade your electric furnace and supplement it with new necessary elements.

Professional repair is another one service in demand. We offer professional repair of electric furnaces at affordable price. Our company has all necessary materials and equipment for repair works. We use only the most suitable and reasonable kinds of electric furnace restoration avoiding excess time expenditures and downtime of the equipment.


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