Gas furnaces

Стоимость газовых печей обговаривается индивидуально с заказчиком
Газовая печь

Same as electric furnaces, chamber gas furnaces are widely applied for heat treatment of workpieces and products in short-run and mass production. The main difference between electric furnaces and gas furnaces consists in the way of heating of thermal elements - by electrical energy and with the help of gas.  


Parameters which should be considered when choosing gas chamber furnaces:

  • volume of chamber for heat treatment,
  • maximal temperature in a working zone,
  • scope of problems to be solved (universal or special-purpose furnaces),
  • standard and additional functions.


For example, universal furnaces can be applied at manufacture with  operations of high-rate baking of products (faience, porcelain, ceramic products), while gas furnaces with roll out sole are intended mainly for work with large-size wokpieces and products, applied in moulding and metal working shops. A microprocessor control system can support (or not support) certain functions, correspondingly.



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