Tube-type furnaces

Cost of tube-type furnaces starts from 63 000 RUB.
Трубчатая печь

Electric laboratory tube-type furnace is used for various kinds of thermal processing of materials at temperatures of up to 1400°С and carrying out of analytical works.

Design of the furnace consists of a welded framework lines with modern fibrous heat insulation material. Heating elements are made of steel of "Superfechral" grade; their location provides uniform heating in a working zone of the furnace.

The chamber of tube-type furnace consists of a tube. The tube can be made of ceramics or refractory steel, upon agreement.

The key advantages of tube-type furnaces:

  • reliability,
  • simple design,
  • ease at servicing,
  • quick heating.


 If you have difficulties with a choice of furnace for the needs of your enterprise, you're welcome to contact managers of our company for a free consultation!


Alongside with standard dimensions of furnace laboratory, working chamber volume, operating specified in the price list we produce furnaces according to your specific sizes and required characteristics!



Tube-type furnaces
Working space, WxL, mm t , °С P, Kw Price
1 20 х 500 1280 2 63 000 RUB.
2 20 х 800 1280 2 Cost calculation
3 30 х 500 1280 2 Cost calculation
4 30 х 800 1280 2 Cost calculation
5 50 х 500 1280 3 Cost calculation
6 50 х 800 1280 3 Cost calculation