Melting furnaces

Melting furnaces are applied for melting of various materials, basically metals (steel, cast iron, aluminium). Average temperature at melting makes 1400°С. Heating in melters is provided by electric heaters. The material of heaters is chosen taking into account operating temperature of the furnace and customer's specifications.


Melting furnaces – cost-effective metal processing method 

This type of thermal equipment is quite efficient: the units are capable to produce big batches of finished goods. This is reliable equipment for quick and cost-effective melting of metals. During heating metal starts to radiate heat, which allows to reduce electricity consumption and the time of full heating significantly.

Melting furnaces presented in the catalogue are widely applied at processing of aluminium and copper. We offer also special models for jewellers - furnaces for melting of gold and silver.

Alongside with selling standard units, we produce also custom-made melting furnaces. In this case, our experts will precisely perform performance objective taking into account specific character of customer's manufacture. We can also ipgrade existing melting furnaces. 



Alongside with standard dimensions of furnace laboratory, working chamber volume, operating specified in the price list we produce furnaces according to your specific sizes and required characteristics!