Metal structure

"Sikron" company produces non-standard, custom-made equipment and metal structures of various complexity and purposes. We can realize any technical idea, if your manufacture needs it.

Sometimes standard metal structures do not meet the optimal requirements in industrial, semi-industrial, and building spheres.  Some enterprises try to adapt standard equipment for solving of non-standard problems, but it is much more reasonable to produce metal structure with the necessary properties (dimensions, configuration, materials, etc.).

  • The whole product range of our company is subject to strict quality control.
  • Circumspect customer service makes cooperation with LLC “Sikron” not only cost-effective, but also very comfortable.
  • We are company-manufacturer and offer reasonable and affordable prices.

Manufacture of non-standard equipment

We carefully consider all wishes of the customer and execute the order within the shortest possible terms and at reasonable price.

Industrial equipment of non-standard type can be required for the various purposes:

  • optimization of work,
  • introduction of innovation technologies,
  • deployment of manufacture in complex environment (with limited space
  • other situations.

We are always ready to provide you with non-standard, professionally made equipment and to assist you with estimation of optimal characteristics for a certain technological process.