Quenching baths

Вакуумная печь

Ttechnological quenching baths for heat treatment of metals optimize hardening procedure making it quicker and more effective. Up-to-date engineering solutions allow to perform heat treatment taking into account all features of hardened material. Moreover, this type of equipment is notable for its high reliability level and low power consumption.


For today, 2 types of baths are the most widespread:

  • water - these baths are used when working with large items made of carbon steel;
  • oil - mineral oils serve as the main working liquid. This type of hardening is ideal for small items made of carbon or alloyed steels. Probability of cracks and thermal deformation occurrence is minimized  .


 If necessary, quenching bath for heat treatment of metals can be equipped with a meshy basket for easy removal of items and prevention of spilling of elements on the bath bottom. Working fluid is heated by tube-type electric heating elements. Exact temperature is set by control module.

Quenching capacity is made of special-purpose sheet steel. Heat exchanger installed in circulating loop cools water (oil).

All baths for heat treatment of metals are delivered as assembled equipment. The units are equipped with special devices for supervision of system operation. Installation, connection, and adjustment of the unit should be carried out by experienced experts.