Salt bath

Соляная ванна

The item can be quickly heated for hardening or tempering in a salt bath. In most cases, equipment of this type is used for work with tool class steels


 Salt baths for heat treatment have the following features:

  • Salt bath heats the whole surface of the item quickly and uniformly. Equipment of this type can be applied even when working with elements of irregular shapes.
  • Melt features uniform distribution of the temperature field (fluctuations do not exceed 1 degree).
  • Fragmentary treatment of item (for example, thermal influence will be applied only to working part of a chisel).
  • Items are not oxidized after heat treatment. There is no need to initiate any additional technical processes for removal of kish after heat treatment procedure.
  • Work with damp items is impossible, since immersing of a damp product in a bath can result in discharge of fused salt).


 Our company sells baths both for quick heating and for preliminary heat treatment (applied for work with high-speed steels). All units are equipped with efficient, modern control system and feature ultimate performance and long service life.

It should be mentioned that salt baths for heat treatment have moderate (for their class) power consumption. Equipment can be installed within the shortest terms. Thus, no special or complex machinery is required for commissioning.