Vacuum furnaces

Вакуумная печь

 Vacuum furnace is special-purpose equipment intended for works connected with heat treatment of metals and alloys in vacuum, or in nonoxidation environment. This furnace allows to carry out heat treatment of any type: annealing, hardening, tempering, nitration, carbonitration, etc.


All operations with metals are executed in air-tight heating chamber connected to vacuum pumps (creating and maintaining vacuum during the operation). The chamber design can be both classic (heating and heat insulating elements are installed in the chamber) and retort (heat insulation and heating devices are located outside of the chamber). It should be mentioned that the maximal temperature and the highest vacuum can be reached only in vacuum furnace of classic type.

Heat treatment in vacuum furnace provides the following advantages:

  • Almost no workpiece deformation (warping, change of initial size.
  • Accurate prediction of thermal influence results.
  • Stable results at repeated use.
  • Manufacture of products with optimal hardness..
  • There is no need to carry out any additional processing (mechanical, chemical, etc.) after heat treatment. The product's surface remains clean always.


Vacuum furnaces are widely applied in aircraft industry and at manufacture of medical equipment, parts for cars and ships. Units offered by us feature excellent operational properties, long service life, and low power consumption.